Hello and welcome to Åmsele Camping!

Welcome to this website about our little camping in Västerbotten!

Åmsele is situated in Vindeln, Västerbotten, in the north part of Sweden just on the border to Swedish Lapland. Åmsele is a small village with both the lake system of Åman and Vindeln River running along the village. Umeå is 100 kilometers from us, Lycksele, Vindeln and Norsjö is about 50 kilometers from us.

The camping is open middle of May till middle of September!
Phone +46 72 274 04 64 or send an email amselecamping@gmail.com.

At the campsite there is a small beach and a few hundred meters from us there is a nice beach by Vindelälven. Within 10-20 kilometers from us there are several lovely beaches along the lakes of Åman!

Åman river rush past below the cottages. This is a peaceful place, but if you want there are also activities with action in this part of Västerbotten

  • rent a canoe, kayak and mountain bike
  • walking along Isälvsleden or the bridges in Mårdseleforsen
  • minigolf, tennis
  • fishing, close to Åman and Vindeln river.
  • rafting. There are several companies nearby that can take you on a thrilling ride along the river!

You will also find us on Facebook (more pictures!)

www.auroraborealis.nu offers dog sledding +46 93363055

www.aktivfors.se education and adventure with canoes and kayaks
+46 706578498

www.frifot.nu they have bikes, hiking and kayaks +46 768262065

www.wildriver.se a restaurant by the rapids of Mårdseleforsen. Stunning nature and top quality food

www.visitumea.se tourist information for the region of Umeå